Work in Local Education

AAUW Port Townsend supports education in East Jefferson County in many ways. In 2020-2021, even during the health crisis, AAUW awarded $17,000 to Jefferson County school projects. In 2021/22, Salish Coast Elementary School had ambitious and successful uses of STEM equipment provided by AAUW (read more…)

Early Literacy Tutoring
Chimacum School District  partners with AAUW in the Kindergarten Reading Project. Tutor volunteers work on basic reading skills with groups of three to four students. For the last five school years, the project has helped Chimacum Creek kindergartners master reading and spelling skills far beyond previous classes. More information about Chimacum Literacy Project

Pre-Kindergarten Prep – Coming Soon!
We have been approved to help fund a new school initiative at Chimacum, but it is delayed with the 2020 health crisis.

Math and STEM Projects
Following our national AAUW mission (read more…) AAUW members have partnered with others in the community to improve the math and overall STEM (science/ technology/ engineering/ math) competency of elementary students in Port Townsend and Chimacum public schools by providing tutors for small-group activities and funding for STEM initiatives.
More information about the Math/STEM Projects

Tech Trek Summer STEM camp
For East Jefferson County middle school girls between 7th and 8th grade during the summer
More information about Tech Trek