STEM Awards

AAUW Port Townsend Branch supports STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) young women students who are nominated by their schools:

  • STEM High School awards
  • STEM 7th graders for Tech Trek summer camp

We present a Certificate of Achievement and a small gift to the winners of our annual STEM  awards. Typically, nine high school scholars in Jefferson County receive the awards. The winners are nominated by their high school teachers and counselors for their outstanding work in STEM subjects.

While this is a small award monetarily, it is an honor to be chosen by their schools as the top female student in the STEM areas. For 2021 we awarded Willow Bennett, Hailey Gallagher, and Cristal Gomez-Cervantes (from PTHS); Natalie Lont, Stormie Elkins, Olivia Benson (from QHS); Tiffany, Madison Burgess, Robyn Weaver (from CHS).

Tech Trek summer STEM camp for students finishing 7th grade is offered to all the east Jefferson County school systems who nominate their students who would most benefit from the experience. Read more…

AAUW nationally supports STEM education in countless ways. Click here to see more information about the national AAUW support of STEM education.


2018 STEM awards – 9 young women in no special order of appearance – Maria Morrison, Meigan Kunz, and Kyama-Marie Bradley from Port Townsend; Renee Woods, Isabelle Harvey, and Quinn Bunker from Chimacum; and Madison Coffey, Abbygael Weller, and Elvira Erickson from Quilcene

2017 STEM awards: in photo — Kyama Bradley, Cassandra Rowland, Kaitlyn Ejde, Miriam Molotsky, Sydney Brown, Abbygael Weller, Katrina Love. Not in photo: Helena Stafford, Renee Woods