Meetings & Events

We have nine monthly branch programs each year, September through May generally held on
3rd Saturday of month, 9:30 am,  at Elks Lodge, 555 Otto St 
All programs (except the December luncheon) are open to the public. You’re very welcome to join us!

THEME 2018/19

 She Persisted has been chosen as the program theme for the coming year. It honors women who have persevered – despite barriers – in their fight for justice, equality, recognition, education and other issues. Throughout the coming year, AAUW Port Townsend will recognize the determination and resolve of women everywhere who are raising their voices, challenging the status quo and fighting for their beliefs.

Chelsea Clinton’s new books, She Persisted, and She Persisted Around the World are the catalyst for this year’s theme. Clinton offers children a glimpse into the lives of outstanding women who achieved their dreams and successes by breaking down barriers. Each month, our Co-Presidents will briefly share the story of a woman who persisted in her life and career to break down barriers and achieve success.



2018 Summer Tech Trekers




Sept. 15, 2018 – Getting Acquainted
Oct. 20 – Our Tech Trek students present their summer experience
Nov. 17 – [program tba]
Dec. 1 – Members and Invitees only – Woman of Excellence Award and holiday luncheon
Jan. 19, 2019 – [program tba]
Feb. 16 – [program tba]
February Career Days
Mar. 16 – [program tba]
April Kitchen Tour
Apr. 20 – [program tba]
May 11 – UWF Scholarship recognition ceremony and annual UWF meeting