Tech Trek STEM Camp

Tech Trek is a summer residential camp for middle school girls who experience hands-on learning in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math. It is held at the Pacific Lutheran University campus in Tacoma and at an eastern Washington campus.

East Jefferson County 7th grade girls can be nominated by their teachers at local public schools to participate in Tech Trek. Our branch evaluates the nominees who exhibit a particular interest in science and math and would particularly benefit from the special learning experience they might otherwise not have. Nominees are interviewed and selected.

Research sponsored by AAUW indicates that middle school girls who lack encouragement, challenge and role models in STEM subjects may not continue to pursue those areas in high school and college. As a remedy, Tech Trek was started in 1998 at Stanford University to serve California middle school girls. The program has grown to serve girls from multiple state AAUW programs every year. Read more at the state Tech Trek website…

**Our AAUW branch appreciates grant funding provided by the Cross Charitable Foundation (


Summer 2023 – Our campers all attended Camp 1 Dunbar July 9-15. Classes, workshops, professional women’s night, financial workshop, field trips and more. Whadda’ week!!! Click for details –>

Summer 2022 – Back to LIVE CAMP at Pacific Lutheran Univ. / PLU. So much fun to be in-person with instructors and HANDS-ON labs and workshops. Click for photos and videos –>

Summer 2021 – 16 Campers came to VIRTUAL CAMP. Since 2020 was cancelled, 2021 combined both year’s scholars — 7th and 8th graders — so we had double the fun! See our Jefferson County campers videos and pix…

Spring 2020 – 12 Campers selected but the camp was cancelled because of the pandemic and quarantine.

Summer of 2019 – 11 Campers!

PDNews 11/20/19 click here…
PTLeader news click here…

Summer of 2018 – 10 Campers!

News: October 2018 Tech Trek Summer Camp 2018 – PT Leader 10/31/18

What our attendees said:

I learned about so many new things and have a lot of careers to think about. I think this camp was very important for young girls like me. I feel more confident with my knowledge and ability in the STEM fields.

This has been a truly empowering and inspirational experience. This has opened my eyes to my future career and my life in STEM.

I am excited to pursue my science and math studies and hope to major in marine biology or astronomy in college. I hope to come back as a student counselor.

Click to see :
YouTube scrapbook of our 2018 campers’ experiences
YouTube of our 2018 Trekkers talking at our October 2018 meeting
YouTube of our 2017 Trekkers talking at our October 2017 meeting

See pix of our 2017 campers in action. Fun!

Click to see video of our 2016 Trekkers talking at our October 2016 meeting. Wow!
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