STEM Salish Coast Elementary 2021-2022

What follows is a special report from Salish Coast Elementary School about their creative use of AAUW mission project STEM grant of nearly $4,000 in 2021. Our hearts were so warmed to hear of this success during this second difficult year of pandemic decision-making for school staff and students. The pictures and report were submitted by Denise Aedan, STEM Lead, and supported by Principal Lisa Condran and all the teachers.

This funding from AAUW has already made a tremendous difference for our young citizen scientists at SC [Salish Coast]! Students have learned how to use digital tools on the STEM iPads to create stop-motion animation videos at the SC Library. Now 3rd-5th graders are ready to serve as “Tech Buddies.” They’ll be helping younger students at SC to make stop motion movies about the interconnectedness of wildlife in the local ecosystem. These students have also learned how to use the WeVideo movie editor for laptops that AAUW provided to SC. SC students are beginning to create movies about their Project Based Learning/PBL to share their voice with the community. The Library has partnered with the Art and Music Department to help students create original musical compositions and artwork to share as part of the SC Children’s Film Festival showcasing grade-level PBL projects.

Kindergarteners are learning a song featuring beneficial pollinators in the SC garden. 1st and 2nd graders are researching their favorite animal in the Salish Coast Ecosystem for stop motion animation. 3rd graders are focusing on a bird research project to gather data for the Jefferson Land Trust and are learning to use GoPro cameras to capture video footage remotely at Bird Feeder stations. 4th graders will use the WeVideo editor to make public service announcements for the Jefferson Land Trust to share via QR codes to help visitors learn about protecting forest habitats. And the 5th Grade Classes are participating in a Writer’s Workshop, they are bringing it all together with their movies featuring their Poetry Project.

Please thank AAUW again for their support of STEM at SC!