Natalia Duran – Advocate for Immigration Rights

AAUW Port Townsend recognizes Natalia Duran, the Outreach Coordinator for Jefferson County Immigrant Rights Advocates/ JCIRA (click for info) here in Port Townsend. Natalia immigrated to the United States from Mexico in 2012 after earning her BA degree there and has many talents from design, sewing, organizing, and management. In Mexico she worked as a fashion designer/illustrator for jeans from design through the industrial process to the final product. Locally, she has created original designs and up-crafting clothing in children’s wear, then sewing and selling her items. Through her volunteer work for Dove House, she was encouraged to apply for the position at JCIRA, and was hired.

At JCIRA she works with immigrants from Ukraine, Afghanistan, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rice, Panama, Peru and more – all here in our community. She also represents JCIRA in area schools during equity training for teachers and staff so that they can better serve our diverse population. One of her passions is serving immigrant children by seeking collaboration with groups to fund local camps and after school activities for these students. She involves her daughter in many of her activities to set an example of being an advocate for others.