2022 Scholarships

Photos below plus YouTube video of full 45 minute ceremony and YouTube shorter slideshow.

In May 2022 women and girls from East Jefferson County were awarded over $83,000 in scholarships from UWF’s endowed and non-endowed funds.
Anya Callahan — Elmira K. Beyer (EKB) Endowed Scholarship
Megan Weller — Academic EKB Scholarship
Lacey Bishop — Lisa T. Painter Endowed Scholarship
Megan Bland — Academic Excellence Scholarship
Leah Russell — Academic Excellence Scholarship
Melanie Bakin — Academic Excellence Scholarship
Leianna Kunz — Academic Excellence Scholarship
Rachel Matthes — Constance Anna Pash Endowed Scholarship
Lily O’Shea — Constance Anna Pash Endowed Scholarship
Bethany McWilliams — Susie Pool Moses Scholarship
Hailey Gallagher — Environmental Scholarship
Kelly Grace — Technical Career Scholarship
Karynna Eichmann — Technical Career Scholarship
Olivia Nivison — Technical Career Scholarship

High School Scholarships to help with first year of college/university to Maya Dow of Port Townsend High School, Eryn Munn of Quilcene High School and Akira Anderson of Chimacum High School with their

High School STEM awards to Maya Dow, Aurin Asbell and Emily Grant of Port Townsend High School; Eryn Munn, Sara Eldridge and Anastasja Gossette of Quilcene High School; and Madison Burgess and Layla Franson of Chimacum High School.