Judith Alexander – Woman of Excellence 2021-22

AAUW Port Townsend branch honored Judith/Judy Alexander during the December 2021 zoom ceremony. She is a primary organizer of the Community Build Project.

Housing July

Bio: Judith, needing distance from the urban noise of Seattle, intuitively gravitated to Jefferson County in 1979, being drawn by the natural beauty and the small town character of Port Townsend. Over time, she realized she was home and has established a strong sense of place. Judith works from home as a clinical social worker in part time private practice, grows a lot of her own food and enjoys doing volunteer work in her spare time. Judith has come to appreciate both the value and importance of being happy “staying put”, or said another way, “blooming where you are planted”.

Judith is usually pulling groups of people together one way or another to find our shared power to instigate positive change. It is when we come together that we find our collective humanity and inspire each other to work for the common good. It has been a blessing to serve, affording Judith a grateful heart and a chance to give back. Most recently, that motivation has been focused on providing temporary emergency housing for our unsheltered population through the efforts of the Community Build Project. (See www.community-build.org).

As a social worker, she realizes that without safe housing, a basic sense of personal security is lost and can lead to all manner of other problems that can be more easily resolved when even temporary secure housing is provided. And, the Community Build Project engages all of us at a very basic level, having compassion for those most vulnerable in our community. Connecting to our capacity for compassion not only helps all of us, it builds community!

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