Housing Solutions Network 2021

Justine Gonzalez-Berg, Director of Housing Solutions Network, is the guest speaker at November 20, 2021 branch meeting. She discusses the rapidly evolving housing landscape in our community, how the pandemic has impacted affordable housing, what is being done to create solutions, and how we can help.

Housing Solutions Network was founded in 2018 by the Jefferson Community Foundation as a response to the growing housing crisis in Jefferson County. The staff and volunteers of HSN work to facilitate connectivity, communication and the co-creation of new strategies to increase the availability of affordable and attainable housing in our communities. We work alongside local housing champions – both individuals and institutions – by providing support and capacity building to ensure success. HSN works to grow a network of housing champions using the Community Network Building approach. The core of this network are our community-driven Housing Action Teams, made up of groups of volunteers who work together to identify obstacles to affordable housing and then craft and implement strategies to create new solutions.

The Director, Justine, began her work as a local activist and community organizer through working on a campaign to forward a more progressive tax structure for Washington State. She became engaged in Housing Solutions Network as a volunteer, and then worked as the Network Weaver for over a year before moving into the role of Director. Justine cares deeply about the future and vitality of Jefferson County, and understands the housing crisis through the intimate lens of her own experience and the experiences of her friends and peers.
Contact: Justine Gonzalez-Berg
Director, Housing Solutions Network
505.699.0839 | justine@jcfgives.org