2021-22 Program Theme

The theme of Listen Closer, Love Harder, and Dream Bigger, inspired by Niama Penniman of Climbing PoeTree, gave us the framework for programs that would allow us to delve deeper into local community issues.

A member survey identified Housing, Child Care and Food Insecurity as the top three issues impacting our community. Although we originally thought we would touch on all three topics during the 2021/22 year, housing issues of unavailability, unaffordability, transitional housing, homelessness and tiny shelters required all of the 5 months of programs.

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This theme is inspired by the words of poet and activist Niama Penniman with Climbing PoeTree.

“Say YES to dream bigger, love harder, listen closer. It’s time to heal and repair. To divest once and for all from systems and structures of violence. To collaborate with the earth and remember our connection to everything. In this time of multiple pandemics and multiple uprisings we have so much to be afraid of and so much to look forward to. We have so much to grieve and so much to celebrate. We are at once incredibly alone and more than ever connected. And one this is for sure – we need each other more than ever”.
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