2021-22 Program Theme

Listen Closer, Love Harder, Dream Bigger – What is the vision that is worth your devotion? This is the focus for our 2021/22 AAUW PT branch programs. We do need each and every one of our amazing and powerful AAUW members as we navigate another year of challenges. We encourage you to join us to provide input and share ideas about how we can listen closer to our Jefferson County Community so that we will be able to love harder and dream bigger.

This theme is inspired by the words of poet and activist Niama Penniman with Climbing PoeTree.

“Say YES to dream bigger, love harder, listen closer. It’s time to heal and repair. To divest once and for all from systems and structures of violence. To collaborate with the earth and remember our connection to everything. In this time of multiple pandemics and multiple uprisings we have so much to be afraid of and so much to look forward to. We have so much to grieve and so much to celebrate. We are at once incredibly alone and more than ever connected. And one this is for sure – we need each other more than ever”.
Click to see special performance at the 2020 Bioneers Conference…

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