Women Vote! 2020 Calendar of Events Jefferson County

Passed in 1920, the 19th amendment gave most women the right to vote. As the 2020 centennial of this momentous amendment approaches, organizations across Washington are planning commemorations, celebrations and events. Washington state was ahead of the nation with suffrage. Most women in Washington won the vote in 1883, repealed in 1888, but reclaimed in 1910 — the fifth state to grant women the vote. For information about Votes for Women Centennial events across Washington, visit www.suffrage100wa.com and follow Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @suffrage100wa.

Port Townsend AAUW / American Association of University Women and University Women’s Foundation (AAUW/UWF) have been awarded a Votes for Women Centennial grant to fund Women Vote! 1920-2020 in celebration of the suffrage centennial. Such grants are provided by the Washington State Women’s Commission and the Washington State Historical Society.

We team up with other organizations in Jefferson County to host presentations, movie viewings and plays.

  • Jefferson County Historical Society
  • Key City Public Theatre
  • Washington State Historical Society


Aug. 17 – PT City Council Chamber, Proclamation honoring historic year of women’s vote – click here…

Sept – Oct 20 Dramatic performance Living Voices: Hear My Voice a dramatic presentation through the Washington State Historical Society

Living Voices is an educational theatre company that offers a personal approach towards understanding important periods in history. Check out website: livingvoices.org.

Performance and Q&A with May’s Vote Actors – Fri Nov. 20 and Sat. Nov. 21 zoom event .

September and October – Rally for the Vote – We met up at traffic light on Sims Way at Co-Op corner.