2020 Scholarships and Awards

Congratulations to our 2020 scholars! This was a unique year for us as we worked under the quarantine of Covid-19 in our committees via online meetings and distanced interviews. These women deserve our community’s support! Please scroll down through some of the FEW photos we have since we missed our May ceremony to take photos. Not meeting these wonderful women and their families in person and hearing their stories has left a hole in our hearts. Read PDNewspaper article…

Over $65,000 was awarded. Two Elmira K. Beyer Scholarships (EKB) were made this year. Through the generosity of Rita Kepner and Marcia Coleman, additional funds were available this year for the Lisa T. Painter (LTP) which we refer to as Academic Scholarships and Environmental scholarships.

Elmira K. Beyer (EKB) Endowed Scholarship ($11,000) – Lindsey Hoffman, pursuing a BA in Nursing, and planning to continue on to become a Nurse Practitioner

Endowed Scholarship based on EKB criteria ($8,500) – Kathryn Molotsky, currently in the second term of a Masters of Elementary Education

Lisa T. Painter (LTP) Endowed Scholarship ($5,900) – Pallas Burhen, pursuing a BS in Biochemistry

Academic Scholarship based on LTP criteria ($1,000) – Mimi Molotsky, dreams of becoming an international human rights lawyer

Academic Scholarship based on LTP criteria ($550) – Emma Liliana O’Shea, pursuing a degree in healthcare

Academic Scholarship based on LTP criteria ($400) – Kelly Grace, envisions one day opening a healing center

Academic Scholarship based on LTP criteria ($350) – Lindsey Hoffman, plans to become a nurse practitioner

Academic Scholarship based on LTP criteria ($200) – Leianna Kunz, wants to become a family lawyer

Constance Anna Pash Scholarship ($3,500) – Isabella Harvey, environmental engineering

UWF Environmental Scholarship ($3,000) – Katherine M. Davis, PhD in Marine Ecology

UWF Environmental Scholarship ($3,000) – Samantha Rae, Master’s Degree in Comparative Health Sciences

UWF Technical Career Scholarship ($5,000) – Samantha Heron, AAS in Construction Technology

UWF Technical Career Scholarship (2,500) – Sarah Schreiber, School of Wooden Boat Building, Traditional Wooden Boat Building

UWF Technical Career Scholarship ($2,500) – Angela Lungu, School of Wooden Boat Building, Marine Systems Program (to become an engineer)

High School Scholarships to help with first year college/university in the amount of $4,000 each were awarded to 3 seniors representing our three public high schools in East Jefferson County.

Two of the recipients of the 2019 High School Scholarships will be receiving $1,000 Sophomore Assist Scholarships.

Each year, we honor East Jefferson County girls with high school STEM awards of $100 — this year 9 winners.  Young women are nominated by Port Townsend High School, Chimacum High School and Quilcene High School by their counselors and classroom teachers in the areas of science, math and technology.  While this is a small award monetarily, it is an honor to be chosen by their schools as the top female student in the STEM areas.

Tech Trek Summer STEM Camp for 7th grade girls – We would have granted $12,000, but AAUW national canceled all the 2020 AAUW Tech Trek camps nationwide. AAUW of Washington State announced that it would be inviting the girls selected in 2020 to attend camps in 2021. We interviewed many students nominated by their schools and are distressed that this year’s camp will not occur. However, our generous Cross Foundation grant will carry over until next year. We are excited to invite this year’s nominees to attend camps in 2021 and select several more next year!