2019 Scholarships and Awards

Congratulations to our 2019 award winners – wonderful women from our community who deserve our support. Photos from our May presentation ceremony for those who could attend with their families and friends. All scholars are listed after the photos (please scroll down…)

Elmira K. Beyer Endowed Scholarship in the amount of $11,000 was awarded to Natalie Moug a life-long resident of Jefferson County. She works as a Para-Educator with the Chimacum School District in the Special Education Services.

Josefine Wallace was awarded an Academic Endowed Scholarship in the amount of $8,500. She has been accepted to UW Medical School.

Technical/Career School Scholarship of $5,000 to Ellena Schaefer.

Lisa T. Painter Scholarships for the study of law, fine arts or health care: $3,100 to McKenzie Kieffer and $2,500 to both Mimi Molotsky and Corrine Pierson.

Constance Anna Pash Scholarship for STEM of $3,300 to Tirzah Small who is earning a BA and MA in Math.

Environmental Scholarships: $3,000 to McKenzie Ginther who earned her AA from Peninsula College and now at the National University of Ireland, Galway seeking her Bachelors degree in environmental science – and $1,000 to Samantha Rae.

Second year college assistance of $1,000 to past AAUW/UWF scholars Lauren Taracka, Halli Trafton, and Katrina Love.

High School Scholarships are offered to seniors at Port Townsend, Chimacum and Quilcene High Schools
Port Townsend High School – $3,000 – Callay Boire-Shedd
Chimacum High School – $3,000 – Renee Woods
Quilcene High School – $3,000 – Summer Jordan

High school STEM scholar awards of $100 to:
Port Townsend High School – Lily O’Shea, Rosalyn Salmon, Karen Absher
Chimacum High School – Elizabeth Shiflett, Haley Morrison, Solana Gonzalez
Quilcene High School – McKenzie Kieffer, Lexi Ritter, Scarlett McBride

Middle school young women will attend week-long Tech Trek STEM summer camp in Tacoma at Pacific Lutheran University.
Blue Heron Port Townsend – Josephine Mack, Hazel Windstorm, Virginia Su, Ruby Mesas, Ruby Mills
Chimacum – Julia Breitweg, Kylee Johnson, Ella Kasperson, Ava Shiflett
Quilcene – Ava Erickson
Sunfield – Charlotte Chapel