Sponsors 2021

Many thanks to our sponsors and volunteers that have helped us weather the storm of pandemic year by giving generously of their funds and help for our mission fundraising.

On top: The committee and leadership who helped pull off the 2021 Home & Kitchen Tour VIRTUAL fundraiser – read more…

  • Karena Wells of Coldwell Banker Best Homes – Karena’s team did all the 3-D photography and video processing to make the tour a reality!
  • Cheryl Bentley (tourtickets@aauwpt.org) was the Sales Manager. Cheryl also with technical help from Leslie Roubal (webmistress@aauwpt.org) put together a home-grown registration system.
  • Leslie Roubal (webmistress@aauwpt.org) was technical manager,  web guru and publicity lead.
  • Rena Hect was our operations manager making sure we met all our deadlines.
  • Colleen Philips level-headed new AAUW member who was quality checking us along with Pam Begley, who also helped with home selection.

Creative Team of the 2021 Home & Kitchen Tour – If you added up the hours these folks donated of their professional time, oh my goodness, we would not have made any money at all for the fundraiser!

Top Business Sponsors

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