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Membership Growing! Badges for our April 2017 meeting

Membership Growing! Badges for our April 2017 meeting

Membership in this vibrant and energetic organization is open to anyone.  Full members hold an Associate or higher degree from an accredited university or college or certificate degree can participate in leadership. Friends of the Branch who may not have a college background are welcome to participate at the local level.

Full membership dues, which include Branch, State, and National contributions, are $76 per year.

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Is AAUW for You?

Yes, if you…

  • enjoy friendships with others interesting, active, and involved in community issues;
  • believe in the importance of higher education;
  • are an advocate for educational and social equity for women and girls;
  • want to participate in interest groups such as book discussions, hiking, gardening, thrifting, writing, knitting, cooking, crafting, scrapbooking, and more.

Contact us any time to talk about our organization and activities:

Join Using Your Credit Card — Just click and follow the directions to join our national organization and our local branch.

Join by check — download or print our form, fill it out, and mail it in with your check.